Testimonies of civilians in Ukraine
about the Russian-Ukrainian war



Фосфорні бомби
Danylo, Donetsk oblast 290−05−03
In the morning, an acquaintance called. Congratulated with a holiday. Used a ton…
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Lesia, Kyiv 296−26−02
Like mostly everyone, we were nervous before February 24, but had not dared to fully believe…
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Oksana, Dnipro 292−04−04
The story of a gift. Today is exactly two weeks since the tragedy in Dnipro. The…
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Oksana, Mariupol 215−05−04
April 30, 2022 Mama is gone… Blew up on a mine in Mariupol… Papa…
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Tatiana, Severodonetsk 299−15−01
Today I finally got my thoughts together. I want to remember everything. It’s…
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Alina, Kyiv 281−26−03
A woman in a pink jacket is trying to push a baby carriage up the…
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Tetiana, Kharkiv Oblast 280−20−04
«There were times where a cow lay there that was still walking yesterday and either its leg…
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Anton 288-05-03
Anton, Donetsk Oblast 288−05−03
Bakhmut. Live. B. We went to our position in October. Eight of us. We took…
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Vasyl 264-20-03
Vasyl, Kharkiv Oblast 264−20−03
«Look at me now, look at me. Don’t look at him. You knew him?» «Yes…» «What…
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