Region: Chernihiv region

Iryna, Chernihiv Region 214−25−04

The first photo is the Ukraina Hotel. Well, what’s left of it. This is where the marshrutky, the minibuses used by thousands of students and workers who commute to Kyiv (I just can’t use the past tense), depart from. Over there, a little bit to the right, where the Chashka café used to be, is where my parents usually wave, when they see me off, although I’ve been …

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Oleg, Chernihiv 87−25−06

Strange thoughts come into your head when you are running with a pot full of fiery borsch under enemy fire. Will you get there or not? How can you lie down without turning over the pot? Where will the next person lie down? How will you look in a puddle of borscht, if you know what happens? What will our department eat …

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Ihor, Chernihiv 59−25−05

Chernihiv is a city of legends! Two fragile girls volunteered in the medical service of territorial defense forces in my battalion. They create legends! These girls treat boys from the front line, help the locals, pack sweets and take them to shelters where children stay. During today’s mortar shelling, when medical teams dispersed to positions, a local woman ran to the girls, asking for help. An elderly …

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