Region: Donetsk region


Olena, Donetsk Oblast 335−14−02

We’re sitting in the park: such a lovely company of girls in dresses with cups of coffee and a crowd of noisy children aged 2 to 7. The prefect Instagram shot. But come a bit closer. We’re listening to Tanya telling the story of how she left already-occupied Luhansk in 2014. We’re talking about our pain, our memories, our dreams and hopes. Refugees. We’re refugees. A year and a half …

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Anton, Donetsk Oblast 333−05−03

Soledar. The story of an artist At the beginning of February, we received orders to take back a village next to Soledar. I understood perfectly clearly that I was going in one direction only. I said a prayer, kissed my cross and went into the unknown. I was trembling with fear, but I gathered all my strength in a fist. The sun was going down early and there was very little time. Our scouts …

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Iryna, Donetsk Oblast 313−05−04

March 16, 2023. Today, I decided to go into the hell of Mariupol. A few hours ago. A year ago. Because Yulia is alive and she is there, on the neighboring street, near the Drama Theater that was bombed today. She sent a note with someone that she is alive. She was. Before that fraternal megaton bomb that took the lives of half a thousand people under the …

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Natalia, Mariupol 316−05−0

March 24, 2022 I was lying on the couch right next to the window, with shoes on, dressed, in a jacket pulled up to my chin, with a backpack, with 4 dog leashes tied to my hand. The dogs were sleeping with me under the blankets. There was silence, the tanks got quiet. For three days, the tank battle was happening on the neighboring Makar Mazai Street, …

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Фосфорні бомби

Danylo, Donetsk oblast 290−05−03

In the morning, an acquaintance called. Congratulated with a holiday. Used a ton of nice but exaggerated adjectives, such as the bravest, the strongest, etc. And said: «Promise that we will greet victory together.» And I remember the woman at the checkpoint… We were moving from one place to another after an assignment. It was already dark. There was a line of cars near the checkpoint. We drove past the queue. …

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Oksana, Mariupol 215−05−04

April 30, 2022 Mama is gone… Blew up on a mine in Mariupol… Papa brought her remains home on a cart… That is all that is known… There is still no connection. We received bits of information through multiple sources… don’t even have the date of death. Don’t message me please. Papa stayed there by himself. _________________ May 27, 2022 P. S. All this time, there has been no connection with the …

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Оleksandra, Mariupol 123−05−04

My grandmother Lena was born (1931) and grew up in Mariupol. In our family archive there are photos of the old city, of her grandfather, my great-great-grandfather, with* the first car in the city. Grandma told many stories of her childhood to all her grandchildren, but I am perhaps the only person in the family to whom she entrusted the terrible stories of the war. The war she saw as a child. …

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Pavlo, Donetsk Oblast 106−05−03

I want to tell you how I got my nom de guerre and why. Because it’s a funny story. When I was traveling to my military training, I dressed all in black, simply because it’s practical. I arrived at the base in the West of Ukraine. I hadn’t got my uniform yet, so I went to lunch in my civilian clothes. There were five women of my mother’s age and older in the canteen handing out the food. I’m a vegan, …

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Marina, Mariupol 102−05−04

When you arrived in the city, you’d call your friends to arrange a meeting: «Are we meeting in the usual place?» «Near the Drama [Theater]?» «Of course, near the Drama [Theater]!» All roads converged here. There was always a lot of movement and energy at this place. Every year, coming to my native Mariupol, I felt incredible pride and admiration, watching how fast the city was developing. …

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