Region: Vinnytsia region

Olya, Vinnytsia 55−10−01

Today, an elderly man came up to me on the playground. He greeted us and said that he had been watching us for a long time. He asked where we were from and was that my child playing over there. Then he took 100 hryvnias out of his pocket and clenched them into my fist, although I resisted. In half an hour, he came up again with two jars of jam. And for the first time …

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Zoia, Vinnytsia 78−02−04

Two blasts, one following the other half a minute later, one louder, and one quieter, cracked the silence when I was putting on a dress. It was the moment when I put my hands into the sleeves and looked like I had a «bag» on my head."I hope our military knocked it down", I thought. It was a frivolous thought… But our air defense has been repulsing all assaults for the …

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Zoya, Vinnytsya region 07−02−08

What does the soul of an airplane look like? That the soul of the Mriya will go straight to heaven, I have no doubt. Maybe it will look like the friendly dragon from one of Edith Nesbit’s stories. For me, hearing that the Mriya perished was like hearing that someone dear to me had died. I grew up on stories about the construction of the Mriya like fairytales. My dad was …

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