• Номер запису / Number of record: 02-10-04
  • Автор(-ка) / Author: Ivan
  • Дата запису / Date of record: March 7, 2022
  • Регіон / Region: Kyiv region

Vasylkiv. A ballistic missile hit 700 meters from my house.

I drove over to see what happened to the vocational school 10 meters from where it exploded. Inside, the ceiling slabs had collapsed. Some things survived, so I took a fire extinguisher for our community centre, where there is a bomb shelter with many women and children.

When I came out, a man appeared and said: «This is my school, I’ve been here for 25 years, and I was once the principal, so give back the fire extinguisher.» Of course, I gave it back. He talked at length about his work, and said that a few months before the war they had set up some unusual rooms for cooking classes. He was close to tears.

My friend once went to this school. He’s out of work now, and we sleep in a basement every night, regularly hearing huge explosions from the airport that protects the sky above us. Putin’s people keep trying to ruin our lives completely.

Ivan, Vasylkiv, Kyiv Oblast