• Номер запису / Number of record: 04-20-04
  • Автор(-ка) / Author: Masha
  • Дата запису / Date of record: February 24, 2022
  • Регіон / Region: Kharkiv region

The text contains profanity

My mom’s couldn’t-care-less attitude is impressive beyond words. While these motherf**ckers are hammering Kharkiv, my mom is making borshch, and it’s the abso-f**cking-lute best borshch you’ve ever had. ‘Cause what seek-shelter warning are you even talking about when the kids haven’t even been fed properly yet? And any assh*le who dares tell my mom how to live her life can go f*ck himself, especially when she is cooking.

Ukrainians are tough as hell! 💙💛 I believe in the Ukrainian armed forces and my mom’s borshch!

Masha, Istanbul, originally from Kharkiv