• Номер запису / Number of record: 80-10-07
  • Автор(-ка) / Author: Volodymyr
  • Дата запису / Date of record: April 11, 2022
  • Регіон / Region: Kyiv region

Regarding the burnt cat from Andriyivka was found, and whose photo went viral worldwide…

In short, the story is as follows: on Friday night I saw a post by Snizhana B. that the cat was just photographed, but still not taken away, and on Saturday morning I went to pick him up in Andriyivka.

In Andriyivka I picked up three abandoned cats, one of them was lame and burnt. I did not find the one that was in the photo: as I thought then, it is light in color, and there was no one like this among mine. Besides, there was information that the cat in the photo is blind and deaf, and all my «foundlings» could normally hear my «kitty-kitty».

On Saturday night, Ruslan Gorovyi gave me the more or less accurate location where this burnt cat was seen. So I decided to go there again the next day and look for him. Meanwhile, the lame and wounded cat I picked up on Saturday was taken to a vet clinic by our girls for treatment.

Arriving in Andriyivka on Sunday morning, I met Alla Bochkariova, who was looking for her British cat with her husband. For a while, Alla thought that the charred cat in the photo was actually Masyanya, so that’s how we met. Unfortunately, after several hours of searching, I was again unable to find the burned cat from the photo. So, upset, I went back to Kyiv.
But the day did not end there, and the best news came closer to evening. To start, Alla announced the first piece of good news — her British Masyanya was found!

And the second batch of cool news came in a couple of hours: a girl from my team wrote to the clinic and asked if it could be the same cat from the photo. And the doctors replied: «That's 100% it is! All injuries are the same: ears, lower jaw, type of hair lesions, and localization. And a red trident on the forehead!» And so, when I read it and saw new photos from the hospital, I realized — the mission was accomplished!

The cat is now in treatment. The cat is NOT blind or deaf. He is burnt, he has a lot of other problems, but doctors say that he will be fine. Paws are in place. There is a catheter in the cat’s front paw. Assistance (including financial) is not needed, we have everything under control. Currently, we do not need to look for a new family for the cat. Most likely, we will keep him ourselves, but in any case, let him fully recover first (and it won’t be very soon).

Volodymyr, Kyiv region