Topic: Animals and animal rights activists

Natalia, Kyiv Oblast 255−10−07

Hello! We’re from Ukraine! Rancho on the air again! We’ve got good news! It’s been a few days since our village was released from the damned rascists. The mobile connection is still not normal, there’s no power and no gas. We’re still under curfew and de-mining looks like it’s going to take a long time. But the two private owners have already …

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Anton, Kharkiv 57−20−07

About humans and animals. Katya, Kateryna Streltsova, my wife, works in a pet store. From the first days of the war, almost every day, we had to feed animals (because there was no one else left). We were out of the store only on February 26 (the enemy’s sabotage and reconnaissance group’s breakthrough to the center of the city) and March 1 (shelling of Kharkiv Regional State Administration). …

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Dmytro, Kyiv 15−26−07

I saved a turtle. It flew out of the apartment window when a house was being bombed in Obolon. It looks like the turtle flew a few dozen meters and fell behind the fence of the football field. It was still alive, but one foot was hurt. It lay there on the grass, looking at the wrecked house and hoping to see its owners. Dmytro, Kyiv

Volodymyr, Kyiv region 80−10−07

Regarding the burnt cat from Andriyivka was found, and whose photo went viral worldwide… In short, the story is as follows: on Friday night I saw a post by Snizhana B. that the cat was just photographed, but still not taken away, and on Saturday morning I went to pick him up in Andriyivka. In Andriyivka I picked up three abandoned cats, one of them was lame and burnt. I did not …

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Svitlana, Kyiv region 68−10−01

«Yesterday I left; I was evacuated. It was difficult both emotionally and physically. I understand that I have to write about it, but my mind keeps slowing down, trying to protect itself… My first evacuation attempt was on March 23. However, transporting the dachshunds didn’t work out. The cart fell apart when I was walking with it, and the cages fell off: the dogs ran away, …

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Olena, Bucha 70−10−07

Be careful, the doors are closing, the next stop is Borodyanka. Nowadays everybody is like an open wound. And that is why we are grasping for these straws, like the repost of the picture of Angelina Jolie with the boy (or girl) because it feels like healing with antibiotics ointment. But the thing is that this treatment does not work for shell wounds. It is very joyful how …

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