Topic: Medical care and emergency responders

Viktor, Donetsk region 240−05−05

I insert my hand into his gonchies, sliding along his thigh, past the skin of his saggy, damp balls in their bush of hair and cup his cock in my palm. I pull it out of his boxers and through the slit cut into the mud on his pants with scissors and shout in a commanding voice through the explosions of howitzers above our trench — «Piss!» Only after this …

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Nadiya, Bucha 63−18−06

When I touch an old woman’s shoulder and lightly stroke it, leading her to a tent where French criminologists are gathering all the information about those whose relatives are seeking them and where they take DNA samples, tears well up in her eyes. And I understand that it is better not to touch anyone else and not to express sympathy or support in any way. Otherwise, all their …

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Ihor, Chernihiv 59−25−05

Chernihiv is a city of legends! Two fragile girls volunteered in the medical service of territorial defense forces in my battalion. They create legends! These girls treat boys from the front line, help the locals, pack sweets and take them to shelters where children stay. During today’s mortar shelling, when medical teams dispersed to positions, a local woman ran to the girls, asking for help. An elderly …

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