Topic: Refugees

Anna, Wrocław 18−18−02

The show must go on! A girl at the dance studio in Wroclaw says that her parents never called today. They are in an occupied town in Sumy Oblast. There’s no power and the shelling is non-stop. Then she takes a deep breath, smiles at her pupils, turns on dance music, and begins the lesson, just like a month ago. In the evening, someone will bring her 8 cats. …

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Maryna, Kyiv 03−26−02

I woke up the morning of February 24 to see my husband running around our apartment looking for empty bottles, filling them and every other empty container with water in the bathroom. «What are you doing?» I asked. «The war started.» I didn’t cry. I started to pack the backpack with documents and spare clothes for the children. I could hear an explosion outside the closed window. …

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